1 septembre 2009

L’interview de Jeroen, notre correspondant anglo-saxon, expert des études qualitatives Online

Au mois d’août 2009, Lb Qualitative Research a animé un forum pour une étude qualitative en lien avec la VoiP.
Jeroen Verheggen, notre correspondant anglo-saxon, expert des solutions d’études qualitatives en ligne, et commanditaire de cette étude, a bien voulu répondre à quelques unes de nos questions concernant ce sujet.
Même si Jeroen pense que les études en ligne ne peuvent pas remplacer des entretiens en face à face, il y voit beaucoup d’avantages comme la rapidité de réponse, l’honnêteté des participants, la possibilité de rassembler des personnes éloignées
– même s’il concède quelques inconvénients comme l’impossibilité de contrôler l’identité des personnes et le possible décrochage des participants, distraits par autre chose.
Jeroen voit un avenir grandissant pour les études qualitatives Online même si certains enquêteurs y seront toujours farouchement opposés.


Lb Qualitative Research : What is your point of view on qualitative research online?

Jeroen Verheggen : I don't think it'll ever replace face-to-face research but as a set of key methodologies in the qual toolkit, it’s on the map and its here to stay. The cost, speed, convenience, range of methods, and greater access it confers, means it’s a no-brainer that the businesses and public bodies of the future will use it as their principal method of engagement and research. At the moment online qual is in its infancy, and everything is very much work-in-progress, but as you saw on the project in question (a 12 country global study turned around in less than 2 weeks), it really works, its breathtakingly fast, and the benefits are undeniable.

LBQR : What are the strength or drawbacks of qual online?

JV : Key strengths: Cost, speed, reach, pool of fresh participants, honesty of responses, less effects of dominating individuals and negative non-verbals, easy to attend, access to difficult to reach people, longitudinal research possibilities, participant friendly - works around them rather than the research, excellent for audiovisual material, more thoughtful responses.
Key weaknesses: Lack of non-verbals, security, distractions, doubts about real identity of participants (I think the same can be said for offline qual to be honest, works badly with groups requiring spontaneous reaction or smell / touch)

LBQR : Do you feel differences in the different country regarding the use of qual online?

JV : Online qual is still very much in its early stages. In terms of the market research industry places like US, France and the UK are slightly ahead of the pack, but there is still a great deal of resistance from orthodox researchers.

LBQR : What did you like about our collaboration?

JV : Besides doing a great job on the research and meeting the tight timings, you really went the extra mile to make the project work for us. As with all large scale, rapid turnaround, international projects there were a few impediments, but you were happy to help whenever we needed it. We were very grateful for this and it really made us think about you as a member of our team.