Laure BOISIER is head of Qualitative Research @ Lb Qualitative Research; she is also the founder of the company, a great speaker at international conferences and an active member of ADEQ Group on LinkedIn.

Lb Qualitative Research - From Insights to Products aims to understand, through to qualitative studies in France and worldwide, consumers’ needs in order to transform them into innovative products, which integrate all sensory dimensions necessary for a memorable experience.

Laure BOISIER is a speaker at SEMO, Printemps des Etudes, ESOMAR, Adetem and developped her company now for 5 years with end clients such as Johnson & Johnson, L'Oreal, Unilever, Symrise, Léa Nature, Laboratoires Merck, Toshiba, Intel,, Zodiac Pool Care, Adidas, Axa Assistance, Auchan and others.

Laure is creating at present time on the same model as AQR (UK) and QRCA (USA) a dedicated association for Qualitative Research in France - please join our group on LinkedIn called ADEQ (Autour des Etudes Qualitatives)

Laure has developped also a network of great consultants all over the world which allow the company to provide worldwide projects implemented by great senior level qualitative researchers.

In France, Laure was a pioneer for using qualitative research online. She's now recognised for being an expert in those kinds of approaches, advising clients on best platforms to use, or how to improve their online process to be succesful at running qualitative research online.

Lb Qualitative Research specialisations are: NPD Qualitative Research; International Qualitative Research; Online Qualitative Research; Exploratory Qualitative Research - Ethnographies